This Brooklyn based duo will have you swooning over lovers you never knew you had. Their eclectic sounds embrace the best parts of electronic R&B and indie pop twisting together heavy bass and sultry lyrics that sing to the soul.  Their newest single, Rob You has us anxiously awaiting their newest album that we'll be sure to have on repeat. 

What does BLKKATHY have to say about their latest single? They shared the inspiration behind "Rob You" with us. 

"Rob You" is basically about how crazy absurd it is to date a stranger and think you'll be safe (emotionally). It's based on another song by Curtis Cook and Elise Silver. 

We are certainly not cynics about love, sometimes it's awesome, but it's rough too. Every time I break up, I'm like "Damn! It's like that?! I thought you cared about me." Then I remember that dating for a few weeks or months doesn't really make someone any less of stranger to me or me to them. 

It's a total miracle every time we trust someone new. I'm so grateful for the capacity to do that. But I still feel like a dumbass for doing it sometimes." 


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