Photo Source: Tumblr

"Being fucked around the pub by strangers with faces that make a lotta noise but say nothing of note... staring into the black hole in my glass kinda wishing it could suck me in and spit me out in another time and place-- a different life with different thoughts and more space to move and be free, think and just be me...and maybe love."

Listen as Dubliner Laurence Falconer sinks his tongue into the moment of blissful suspension in love when eyes lock across a crowded pub upon an otherwise desperate night.

About the Artist

Laurence Falconer attended the gaiety school of acting in Dublin and started writing in the school's manifesto class. He wrote a short play called "Self Portrait" that was performed in a smock alley theatre in 2013. The Yellow Jumper was a performed during the run of the "Gaslights Cabaret" also in 2013. The poem was recorded as an audio drama presented by Rise Productions Audio Drama Series. Laurence is at present engaged in the writing of two upcoming plays and continuing to break through in the world of acting.