Check out the latest track from Memoir, "Who I Am". In the words of lead singer, Dena Deadly,

“I wrote this song for a little girl who was born a boy, but always knew that she was a girl inside and out. This is her story, of courage, in expressing that truth to the world. It is also just an effort to celebrate each one of us on this planet. Many of our youth grow up in a culture where they either "fit in," and/or "measure up" to their cultures norms and expectations of them and when they do not, become marginalized and disregaurded by their communities. Of course, the beauty inside this struggle is that, for those of us who don't quite "fit in" or "measure up," we are afforded a unique gift, or rather, an opportunity to look around at the rest of the "wounded" or "disregarded" and see that we truly are a kaleidoscope of diverse thoughts and perspectives on this planet and that, that diversity can either be addressed in fear and judgement or embraced completely and celebrated. So we celebrate YOU!

You are who you are.

I am who I am.

Lets search for the courage to allow each other to express that truth!”