A word from the DJ: 

After having spent the last four years in Poughkeepsie, I've moved back to Stockholm to continue studying and hopefully start playing more. Before I went back to the states for college I was all about future house/techno. Labels like BNR, Lektroluv, Secure Recordings, No Brainer, Guys N's Dolls and Sound Pellegrino are still very influential inlets of great club music, but nearly all my sets nowadays are more bass music oriented. I wanted to take the opportunity to make a mix of material more reminiscent of my old aesthetic, i.e. what listened to the last time I was living in Stockholm.

The following tracks are some of my favorites from the last year or so. I always try to find a good balance between new and interesting sounds that work from both the laptop at home and the floor at the club. The second installment of the series will be up in a week or so.

I hope you enjoy the latest mix from Maziar Kazmi <3

 You can hear more of Maziar Kazmi's work here