Janelle Monae’s performance at Los Angeles’ Club Nokia on November 2nd, 2013 was nothing short of spectacular. The ‘Electric Lady' took us on a melodic journey to the futuristic, alternate reality of android, Cindi Mayweather. However, before we could jump on that imagined space ship to the land of 'Metropolis,' Roman GianArthur, Monae’s opening act, captivated the spirits of all. His intergalactic, funkadelic, soulful tunes made us feel like we were flying through the clouds with the musical lovechild of Jimi Hendrix and Donny Hathaway. We have been hooked ever since. 

Photo Source: Tumblr

Photo Source: Tumblr

Although virtually unheard of in the mainstream before touring with Monae, GianArthur is no stranger to the music biz, having produced and written tracks on Monae’s debut album, ArchAndroid, and sophomore album, Electric Lady. GianArthur is also a member of the Wondaland Arts Society, a collective founded by Monae for “inventors” who wear “tuxedos everyday” and “believe truth can be broken down with the following formula: Truth= Love x Imagination.”  

We have high hopes for GianArthur and believe he should be a part of your sonic reality.

Check out GianArthur’s ‘I-69’ single:

Listen to him wickedly weave together the likes of Radiohead and D’angelo:

Text by Indiana 

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