Check out Creative Director of WildSpice Magazine, Alyssa Aparicio, as interviewed "On With Omari".


Listen in to hear more about our "an art gallery mixed with an online blog", the creation of WildSpice, and get the answers to those burning questions you have for us.

EG: Exactly what is a YAWP

Tune in at 14:00 to find out!

Omari Bailey is an actor, radio and tv host, model and generally awesome person. After graduating from the University of Richmond, he moved to LA to pursue his dreams of acting and working in television and radio. Omari was born knowing that entertaining was his purpose. Upon meeting Brooke and Spencer, an insatiable chemistry developed into the hilarious dynamic you now hear on this weekly radio series. As a team, their natural flow and energy has listeners hooked on tuning in. Hear more "On With Omari" and follow him on twitter