Bjorn and The Sun is the soulful duo that we've had blasting through our speakers for the past few months. This dynamic couple have an inescapable synergy and lyrics that sing to the soul and they recently released a music video for their songTwenty-Five. Get lost in their cross country journey and hear what Amanda from Bjorn and The Sun has to say about the experience. 

I look over my shoulder one last time to say goodbye to LA, right before it disappears behind the freeway tunnels lined with Wednesday evening traffic. Now, the sun begins to fall as we inch closer to the Arizona desert. Dinosaur mountains to our right and left, my feet up on the dash.

David bobs his head, calm and composed with cool uncertainty and then stokes his beard as he turns up the volume for Levon's solo. The sun is softer and gentler now making our ride already seem nostalgic, romantic. We pass Sore Finger Road and a pickup truck sides up next to us, honks a hello and kicks up dust behind it. I make eye contact with the friendly driver and nod as he smiles and continues to eat his sandwich.  A good omen if I do say so myself.     

Packing a few essentials into a car, partnered by a person I love, and exploring my world. I am breathing this very moment. With my arms wide, I will surrender and be open to all that I may see. Twenty-five years old and this dream's got me on my knees. 


Amanda Bjorn and David Donaldson, Bjorn and The Sun, made this music video while traveling across the country from Los Angeles to Nashville.  They are happily writing and playing music, meeting many talented, inspiring artists, and will begin to record their next EP this upcoming January with Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Hurray for the Riff Raff) at the Bomb Shelter in East Nashville.