Woman in Bloom, it is time to dance in your Power

From rupture to rapture and back again, you no longer fit into yesterday

Open your heart to the sky

Let her whisper ancient secrets to you

You are the journey

The wheel of timelessness turns in your womb moon after moon. 

Kick your heels up

You are only as strong as your level of commitment to self care

Your Blood is Sacred

Your Healing Ripples through Generations to come

You are the Creatrix of who you are to become.

You'll remember again that its who you Have always been....

With the lid off. 

cherish the portal between your legs

put Her above all

You who have lived the highest heights and felt the lowest lows

You who have fought for your voice, for your intuition, for your pleasure

At once blossoming and blooming

You are free





Photographed in Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve and Carrizo Plain.

Eco Friendly Prints available at Etsy.

About the Artists

 Flash the Abyss is a photographic journey dedicated to removing boundaries between woman and ... whatever she chooses. 

From profound Love comes profound Art.

Featuring Alyssa Aparicio 

Photography by Talltree

Follow us as we traverse the globe on a quest of liberation and adventure. 

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