Welcome to the charming and ethereal world of illustration by Chanel Arif.

In the words of the artist,

"My illustrations are a way for me to define my sexuality as a dislocated woman torn between the East and the West.  It is a medium I use to explore my contemporary-self and its sexuality against the backdrop of my heritage. Illustrating the feminine figure allows me a space where I am able to outwardly express and internalize my understanding and identity as a woman. 

I am captivated by my sexuality, and therefore it is my biggest inspiration..."

The characters of my drawings are inspired by specific emotions, or sensations I experience. Their narratives exist solely within their frame and they do not meld together. Therefore I believe that If my drawings could talk, collectively their voices would not be harmonic.

Photo by Arnold Fuad

Photo by Arnold Fuad

Chanel Arif is an Arab-American Illustrator. Her outward spirit is as whimsical as the creations that come from the depths of her imagination. She is currently based in New York City. Visit her artwork on Tumblr. Follow her on Instagram@CocoChanda.