Alberto van Stokkum is a Spanish photographer and filmmaker with a wicked eye for wild.

See for yourself and get to know the man behind the steamy still frames in our interview below.

WS: Where were you born and raised? How do you think this has influenced your photography?

AvS: I was born and raced in Palma de Mallorca (Spain). In some way I think it has influenced in my work, firstly because every experience in your life influences in some way what you do, even if you don’t realize it. But, in my case, i would say that the freshness, the colorful and casual character (of my photography) has something to do with my roots.

WS: Can you share a few personal highlights of your career with us?

AvS: In a personal way, the first time I revealed a photograph in the laboratory. I remember perfectly that moment, that was so magical. And the first time one of my photographs was published in a local newspaper, which was by the way about a "ensaimadas" contest, a typical Majorcan pastry.

WS: If your photographs could talk, what would they say?

AvS: Would say for sure something funny. And provocative.

WS: Is there one particular moment you can remember in which you realized you were an artist and would pursue this passion?

AvS: The first time I made a fashion photoshoot, it was a favor for a friend who asked me to take some pictures of his girlfriend. Before that I was doing cinema, and that was actually my goal but that day, I realized how much photograph could give me, and I got completely hooked by it.

WS: What is the message about sensuality/sexuality you hope to share through your artwork?

AvS: I like walking the tightrope between sexuality, provocation and obscenity, and not falling in the last one. It’s like a game — and I think that for the moment, I win.

WS: What does Wild mean to you?

AvS:  To let yourself be guided by the purest instinct. 


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