The work of Brazilian photographer, Luiza Potiens, will find you in a field of floral dreams. Her simple yet elegant work captures your eye and alludes to the beauty in the details. We got to chat with Luiza about her work, inspiration and the power of nature. 

Tell a bit about yourself

I'm a 24 year old, living in Brazil with a degree in Photography. I'm interested in personal projects as much as fashion shoots. My boyfriend is also a photographer and we work together on fashion photography and video projects. We also run an online photography fanzine. 

If you had to describe your work in three words, what would they be?

Feminine, delicate and unpretentious. 

Flowers are a reoccurring theme in your work. Is that a conscious choice?

Flowers, plants and nature are a big passion of mine. Specifically, living in a big city after growing up in a smaller city with easy access to amazing spots of nature. I really miss it. Even unconsciously, I often find myself including some green, flowers or wood in my images. 

What do you want people to feel when they look at your photography? 

It's not exactly a feeling. I look for all kinds of beauty in front of me. Light. Freedom. Love. 

I'm a huge fan of "simple but extraordinary." 

What does wild mean to you? 

The naked and truly interior. 


Luiza Potiens is a Brazilian photographer with a simple yet elegant eye. Her work can be found in many international magazines from Brazil to London. To follow more of her work, like herFacebook page or check out her website