Check out VIV 1.0, a short film inspired by the vivacious female icons Dolly Parton, Brigitte Bardot, and the 1967 sexual space odyssey, Barbarella.  VIV 1.0 exemplifies the relentless machine of objectified female sexuality. Scarlet Moreno, the writer, director and star of the short film, takes us into the amusing, yet extremely lonely life of a fembot.  VIV 1.0 is a sex kitten whose simplistic existence demonstrates the role of the "dream girl": one-dimensional and vacuous; subservient and sexualized. Her imperfections, and quirks lead her to be abandoned. With spectacular shag pad scenery and enough fringes and frocks, VIV 1.0 provides a gorgeous painting of the daily life of the strangely robotic "hot girl" we've been sold by Hollywood.  


Renaissance woman, Scarlet Moreno, is also lead singer of the indie band FlowerGlass, and director of their new music video, Spirit. Check it out at