The androgynous mind. A tale of a woman who feels most empowered when she embraces the best of both worlds. A bachelorette that defines sexy not just through dress but her intellect as well. Photographer Katie Harland eloquently captures model Jacqueline Salinas doing just that. Breaking the "rules" and taking over her life with style, grace and no boundaries for what a female needs to be. 


Katie Harland is a twenty-two year old photographer residing in Texas. Her passion for photography manifested at an early age, and has since matured into a unique style custom to her personality. Harland's use of natural light echoes the innate sexuality of the female form. The core of her work is inspired by intimate moments, adventures, femininity, youth and bold colors. To see more of her work, follow Katie on Facebook or Instagram. 



Modeling has become one of Jacqueline's newest creative outlets. She enjoys collaborating with photographers who are willing to push artistic boundaries, and create unique photographs. Jacqueline is humbled by the many opportunities she's been given this year, and is so excited to see what the new year has to bring. Follow her portfolio on Instagram @number_xxvi.