TallTree’s artistic eye will bring tears to yours. As a videographer and photographer, he relays moments of frolickery by encapsulating natural movement. Understanding buoyancy is underrated and understated, but ever so important as it is filtered through the human psyche. TallTree paints poignant surreality on our widescreens. He evokes wings spread -- wingspan that invites sorrow to be wind beneath our whims.

 In the words of Talltree:

“Felt Tip” was a song that I just kept listening to on repeat everyday. It became the soundtrack of my life when I was learning to move on from my ex-girlfriend. I would listen to the song and just be sitting there with memories and emotions of a time that I had become so accustomed to but couldn't feel anymore. Editing the video became this process of recognizing my feelings, figuring out a way of expressing them through the video and then moving on from it all. It represents both the time of my life during the relationship and the progression of learning to move on.

None of the footage was staged or planned to be filmed for the purpose of a video, they are just moments from two years of my life that I filmed to remember and keep.

I'm a freelance videographer by trade, but when I have the time to create my own work, I try to make art from an honest place. The challenge is recognizing what you truly feel and then figuring out a way to express it in a pure form, without filtering too much of the original feeling in the process. The beauty though is that the piece will most likely change into something you weren't expecting, expressing and meaning more than what you began with. That’s the fun that takes me back to the camera time after time.

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