sometimes the summer air can be intoxicating

you know, when you breathe in and can taste bits of grass  

or those purple flowers that grow on the side of the road? 

when i can run around naked because the wind has finally decided to play nice with my skin

i think it's a drug

i mean it is addicting

and it makes me feel lighter and higher and giggly

that feeling of never wanting it to end and dreading how the come down will feel this time

summer somehow convinces me that the only thing i need to worry about is catching fireflies

summer is a drug grown by the mountains and sea and sky

just so the mountains and sea and sky can chuckle at how silly us humans get


you have to admit, we get pretty silly

and then we say our reason for being silly and wanting to skinny dip 

or soak watermelon in tequila 

or smooch under fireworks, is because of summertime

i guess summer is like a lucid dream then

you can mold and shift it to what you want

but it's not exactly reality 

i mean it's one reality but it seems a little too perfect

things that are too perfect are dangerous

i guess that's why summertime doesn't last

nothing that perfect should

Cebe Loomis is a recent Vassar graduate with a degree in Anthropology and hopes to dedicate her career to further exploring the power of anthropological photography as a form of art activism. Specializing in ethnographic photo essays, Loomis has conducted research in various countries, from exploring the street art movements in India, Senegal, Argentina and Germany, to exploring the deeply rooted nationalism still present in Cuba's socio-economic framework today, to illuminating the hopes and fears of a group of boys graduating from high school in Malibu, California.  

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