Filmed on a cold desert night into the early dawn, Star Child is an ethereal tale blossomed from the hearts of incredible talented and award winning creators of authentic art. Together they have formed WildMaquina, and as a result you may now witness this awe inspiring debut video.

Indulge in the movement:

In the words of brainchild, Ponzi: 

“Star Child... is an artistic homage to our cosmic origins; a moving portrait painted with the poetry of choreographed dance, experimental film and lighting, spoken word art and pure liberation."

Get lost in the words of featured poem below: 



"Star Child" Poem, Written and Spoken by: Ponzi
Dance Choreography by: Paulina Pulido
Directed, Filmed and Edited by: TallTree
Paulina Pulido
Gabriela Hernandez
Marisa Garcia
Manuel Constantino
Salvador Ramos
Joel Fridman
Original Score Composed by: Milo Coello
Sound Engineering by: Daniel Davila

Composed of TallTreePonzi, and Paulina Pulido, Wild Maquina is a young tribe of award-winning and aspiring artists from diverse disciplines, backgrounds, and origins that break away from the mechanics of modern life to collaborate on experimental fusion art projects, just twice a year (though we wish more often).

For What Purpose: to unite talented multicultural artists hungry to break the stale paradigms of artistry to boldly demonstrate the raw wonder of the human spirit in ways never experienced before. Our aim is to inspire ourselves and others to live, love, and create without limits. By creating a multicultural group, we hope to cultivate a sense of international humanity through our work.