Niraj Mehdiratta and Jacqueline Alicia encapsulate the intimacy of self-searching. A female in an environment of her own, seeking solidarity to find herself, to wander. The unspoken combination of elegance and allure is breathtaking. When was the last time you sought out some time alone? 



Niraj Mehdi is a creative based in Austin, Texas. Self-taught, he's spent the last few years experimenting with photography and focusing on fashion and lifestyle. Niraj has shot backstage & runway at New York Fashion Week, provided coverage for ESPN X-Games and for street style for menswear blogs such as Four Pins. To keep up with his adventures and travels follow him on Instagram @niraj26. 




Modeling has become one of Jacqueline's newest creative outlets. She enjoys collaborating with photographers who are willing to push artistic boundaries, and create unique photographs. Jacqueline is humbled by the many opportunities she's been given this year, and is so excited to see what the new year has to bring. Follow her portfolio on Instagram @number_xxvi. 

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