In an vacant palace in São Paulo, magic came to life. A haunting beauty of empty spaces and glamorous possibilities. With regal ambiance and Victorian vibes, photographer Luiza Potiens in collaboration with Atelier de Beauté, Marcela Fetter and Carolina Zanella, created that dreamlike escape. Get lost in our newest editorial, Royal Dreams.

Photographer: Luiza Potiens

Models: Marcela Fetter and Carolina Zanella (Elo Management)

MUA and styling: Atelier de Beauté (Bárbara Prandina, Camila White, Jaqueline Reche) | @atelierdebeautebr

Clothes: All dresses from Diva. Purple dress, team's wardrobe.

Luiza Potiens is a Brazilian photographer with a simple yet elegant eye. Her work can be found in many international magazines from Brazil to London. To follow more of her work, like her Facebook page or check out her website