Contort your eyebrows and fasten your seat-belts. Be prepared for an interesting thought parade. It will lead to more questions than answers. It will stir up bewilderment in your being.

In the words of the artist:

"...My point was to make it as absurdly kitsch as possible. Then i watched it on loop for an hour and through my unconscious conscious subliminally and strategically burlesque placement of dumb shit, decided that it was politically motivated but executed totally apolitically. Essentially my motivation was to entertain myself.

Pervert an iconic figure and a piece of hardware. Play it on a loop until it makes sense to you. It's funny, people!"

LAMASFAMOSA spends the majority of her time channel surfing. Totally boob tubular, man! Occasionally, she produces something out of nothing, calls it something fancy and posts it on YouTube.