A Word From Silvia MariaThe Alma Nua (Naked Soul) project was created in partnership with Brazilian artist Karla Bratfisch. She painted the naked bodies and I shot all of the images. 

The goal was to transform the human body into a work of live art, stripping the body and plunging the soul in colors. 12 models volunteered to be painted and photographed. It was a magnificent experience for all parties involved as the models felt a sense of freedom through nakedness and at the same time, the feeling of being a new person. It was as if the colors of the soul of each model was externalized, an amazing sensation. 


Silvia Maria was born in Itatiba, Brazil in 1985. After spending her childhood escaping the camera, at 19 Silvia discovered that what she really liked was being behind them. At 20, she did her first photoshoot showing the routine of elderly people in a nursing home and one year later was the co-author of a book representing folklore from different regions of her country. In 2007, she graduated in Journalism at PUC-Campinas University and, in 2008, concluded the photography course at Pro-Art School, Campinas. For more of Silvia's work, follow her Facebook page