The photographs entice at first glance, delightfully confounding as the eye darts from image to tantalizing image. From subtle strokes to complete immersion, photographer William Blanton's self-imposed chromatic restrictions can make a stone speak volumes. With unconventional execution, Blanton and model Jacqueline Alicia joined together to create an minimal type of elegance with a hint of wild. Get lost in this exclusive editorial:

Monochrome Girl



Modeling has become one of Jacqueline's newest creative outlets. She enjoys collaborating with photographers who are willing to push artistic boundaries, and create unique photographs. Jacqueline is humbled by the many opportunities she's been given this year, and is so excited to see what the new year has to bring. Follow her portfolio on Instagram @number_xxvi. 


William first picked up a camera “professionally” in 2005 after he volunteered to be an embedded unit photographer while deployed with the US Army. He was instantly turned on by the thrill of telling stories through photographs, and documented everything from the peacekeeping missions in the Balkans to combat operations in the Middle East, having photos published in multiple military publications. He was hooked. When he returned to the United States he began experimenting with different styles of photography, and over the years found his niche as a simplistic fashion and art photographer. William is currently based out of Bryan, Texas where he operates a small lifestyle photography business with his fiancé. He has a simple philosophy: Never allow yourself to get trapped in a conventional box when it comes to art. If you have an idea, run with it. The best images will come when you really just let go, be yourself, and have fun.