In Los Angeles, the highest highs will have you praising sunny skies and the lowest lows can blind you from your deepest sense of self. Memoir's latest video, "Los Angeles", wraps us in the myriad emotions this city delivers best. In an adieu to a land of promises, soulful vocals overflow with wisdom alongside images that whisk us away. This single's raging blogosphere success is proof of  lalaland's special place in every dreamers' heart.  A bittersweet reminder that no matter where in town you stand under swaying palm trees, you will always remain a few short steps away from the potent pang of broken dreams. 

As Memoir's lead singer Dena Deadly admits, “This song is my heart break letter to the city I love”

Stay tuned for more from Memoir’s full length album, “Fire in Me”, out in early 2014. In the meantime bask in this free audio download.

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