A Series of Self-Portraits By Amber Crago



Taking time to pause and ponder... how will I become a mountain in the wind?


I finally stopped searching, suddenly surrounded by beings that exist in no other place, bending to their own design. Creatures who beckon my wandering feet to plant themselves among the strange, welcoming me home among the odd; as one of their own, as I always was. For a moment I meld, desert into sky, sunset into dusk, human into Joshua Tree, rooting and reaching. Loosing myself, breathing in the sacred, tasting the silence, finding my Tribe. Listening as the light whispers it's ancient story, hushed by the song of time, swaying in the lullaby of the wind.

Somewhere in Dreamland

Autumn Gold



Hidden away under the shade of a banana grove, unraveling myself in the thickets of dreams and life. Regeneration, evolution, unrolling. Looking for the place to plant my seeds, forgetting where I even put them.



Closing my eyes, I hear the whispers of two worlds. Nothing is black and white, nothing is clear. Everything dissolves into itself, bending my own truths into my own fears. Everything dies in the shadow of life, eyelashes painting brush strokes of dreams from days I cannot see. Everything dissolves into itself, in a place that does not exist, wrapped around me like a mist returning to the sea.


There is a secret garden, where the wild things are, in a land before time. When the owl and the pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea-green boat, and invented a spoon. 
I found myself there. Growing a beautiful chaotic mess, branches piercing the sky, roots intertwining with my darkness, flowers sprouting from all the nonsense. I ate one, and found myself again.


In the words of the Artist:


This is the first official self portrait series I've done. A fellow aerialist-photographer-artist friend of mine has had a long standing blog featuring her self portraits. I really loved her expressions of herself through images and poetry, and admired the courage she had to reveal herself in this way. This series was born during a difficult period earlier this year when I lost a large part of my external identity...I decided to rediscover my internal identity by rekindling my relationship with myself, and kind of throw some of my fears to the wind and say fuck it. Self portraits became a really intimate time spent with myself in nature, and I found a lot of peace there. I love photography and nature anyway, so it became a way to learn to love myself.


About the Artist

Born as an island child of South Carolina and currently residing in Honolulu, Hawaii, Amber Crago is a posture realignment therapist, massage therapist, photographer, musician, performer, and traveling gypsy. She seeks to weave stories between what we think we see and what we experience, an expression of dreams on strike, told through the trials and tribulations of life, learning, and photography.

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