Mia Ramer is a traveling musician and dancer. We met her in the South of Spain where she was on a journey living her dream of wholehearted creation and had just filmed and edited her first contemporary dance performance. 

In the words of the artist:

"This video was shot in England, where I was volunteering in a beautiful manor house with a big garden close to Oxford. Music videos was something that I had been thinking about doing for some time, and the beautiful location inspired me to make this movie. It was en experiment, and for me a way of being able to express myself and perform, feeling like I was on stage even though I was by myself. I did everything by myself: the filming, the dancing and the editing, so for me it really feels like an accomplishment and the beginning of new creative possibilities."

About the Artist

Mia Ramer was born in Switzerland, but spent most of her adult life in Denmark and Germany, where she studied contemporary dance for 5 years in 3 different schools. Along with that she played the guitar and the harp and danced Argentine tango. She taught contemporary dance and tango in Berlin and danced in a few festivals and music videos, but had to take an office job in order to survive financially. Almost a year ago she left Berlin to go travel and do more of what she loves and is passionate about. She went to different countries in Europe performing on the streets and at open stages, while making videos. She now mainly makes her own creations combining music, dance and video and upload her projects as well as my travels on to Youtube.


Featured song: "Black" by Danger Mouse Feat. Norah Jones