As a musician, AHEE has taken it upon himself to go to the distant curves of the Earth for an unconventional understanding of the natural sounds we too often overlook. Join AHEE which stands for “A Human Expressing Experience” in celebrating the explosions of vibrant possibilities that exist all around us. With this vivid peak into the transformative experience of Burning Man, we participate in an ode to conscious awakening. Via "Live in Joy", embark on this whimsical journey directed by Alexander Polinsky (aka ALEX), and experience what it means to burst out of the box of the ordinary.

AHEE, is the moniker of Chris Adams, who was born and raised in Dallas, TX. Always fascinated by both music and psychology, Adams went on to graduate with a degree in Music Technology from CalIfornia Institute of The Arts. He soon co-founded Psychic Gnome Society, a projection mapping company, that provided Graphics for a Weezer Music Video, DJ QBert and Armin Van Buren to name a few. Adams also began recording music made with “found sounds” from field recordings of non-musical sounds.

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