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WildSpice Magazine unites with Apliiq Customizable Apparel to showcase collaboration from coast to coast on LA's Venice Beach and Brooklyn's Coney Island.

Apliiq is an innovative apparel company for the untamably artistic. Revolutionizing consumption with their interactive design, Apliiq puts YOU in control of your appearance.  In our compiled editorial, we feature a few of the art world's most electric movers and shakers as they rock customized hoodies (and thermal top) straight from Apliiq's Downtown LA warehouse.

Nadine Olmo is a professional dancer who performs with dance group Pendulum. She has most recently been featured on Glee.

"Movement is my love. Art is my religion... Music is my life. My purpose here is to create and inspire, spreading love across the world. Telling stories through movement and connecting people deeper to the root of our existence." 

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Aaron Michael McElligott is a filmmaker and poet whose art show event series BECOME ONE has shows in various locations in LA. 

"It's God's soul in disguise that the poet describes, I AM a portal, for you, to open your eyes."

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"WE ARE BoogieREZ!!! A dynamic duo that TRULY lives life to the fullest, and we CAN'T STOP, WON'T STOP CREATING! HEAVILY inspired by the culture of HIP HOP and all the incredible people that cross our paths on a daily basis...

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Our forte is a blend of music, photography, illustration, painting, graphic design, dance, fashion design, silk screening, whatever else we can get our hands on. We like to get down & dirty with the business, and our brains are always brewing with ideas. Our mission is to share our love of creativity and ill visuals with the WORLD."

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West Coast Photo Credit: 

Photo By Memry  

Photobymemry.com | @photobymemry

Martin Lambert | @_mvrtin_

Video by George Qamar


East Coast Photo Credit:

Photos & Video Edit by Sienna Brown

Sienna-brown.com | @siempregirando

Video Footage by Aaron Steinberg